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Plans for 2013

With the start of a new year (2013) it’s always good to look at doing something different, new or experimental. With this in mind I thought that I would put together a series of informative articles with information that I hope will be helpful to readers. Subjects that cover things like:

  • Painting techniques – ones that I use plus others of interest
  • Use of colour
  • Quick tips for artists
  • Art books/magazines
  • Products
  • Inspirations
  • Other artist reviews

In addition, I’m looking at producing a time lapse video of one of my paintings (a hugely sped up version of me painting!). Not a new concept I know, but whenever I watch other people’s, I’m totally fascinated by what they do and how they achieve it. So I thought maybe people would also like to watch how I produce a painting.

So keep watching this space!




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