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Christmas Greetings

Firstly, a very happy Christmas to everyone.  I finally got around to producing a Christmas card this year after much wavering over whether I would do one at all.  In the end I really enjoyed painting it and felt much better about producing my own rather than buying them.  I still like to send cards in the mail rather than via a screen – old fashioned I know but a tradition I still love at Christmas.  Have a safe and happy holiday (I’m seated poolside, 30 degree heat, book in hand, maybe a cocktail on the way), and all the best for the New Year.

Below are few pictures I put together that visually express the journey towards the yearly Christmas Card, I hope you all enjoy them and I will try and put together some more of the actual painting process. Please let me know if you have gone about making your own Christmas Cards too as I would love to hear about your experiance.


Christmas Greetings Card

Behind the scenes of the Christmas card

Chrstmas Cards in the making



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