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Welcome to Sara Paxton Artworks. 

I hope you enjoy browsing my artwork as much as I enjoy creating these oil landscape painting, oil canvas painting, giclee prints. I generally work in oils on canvas stretchers (canvas stretched over a timber frame- hence no framing), filling the space with vivid colour and contemporary form. Printmaking is my new passion, an exciting creative direction which I am really enjoying while also broadening the content of Sara Paxton Artworks. Sara is also a author on Google+.

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oil painting art

oil painting art

Sara Paxton Artworks latest articles and news

Art Series Hotels

Melbourne has a unique set of three hotels called The Art Series Hotels.   They are very boutique, very luxurious and inspired by and dedicated to celebrated Australian artists: Adam Cullen, John Olsen and Charles Blackman. Hence they are called ‘The Cullen’, ‘The Olsen’ and ‘The Blackman’.  The hotels embody the artist’s individual style and characteristics – they bring art to the people in a big way.


Art Series Hotels - Bendigo

Melbourne Artist Sara Paxton at Art Series Hotels - Bendigo  Art Series Hotels Artworks Bendigo Art Dog


Now, the Art Series Hotels have ventured out of Melbourne for the first time, to Bendigo and I was lucky enough to stay at the newly opened Schaller Studio. Wow, was it impressive!  The huge paintings by Mark Schaller are everywhere.  All the rooms (they are called ‘work spaces’ for some reason) have original artwork and are full of art books and magazines.  The large, edgy communal spaces are likewise, fully stocked with everything art.  In due course there will be art classes, art tours and artisan markets. So make sure you look into this exciting art movement and don’t forget to share the great news (this post ;)) with anyone who would be interested!


Sara Paxton Artist at Art Series Hotels - Bendigo


I think the Art Series Hotels is a unique and very exciting concept, it makes art a very accessible experience for everyone.




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Contemporary Colour Exhibition

contemporary colour exhibition - Mingara Gallery

Sara Paxton will be featuring her popular oil on canvas artworks in the Contemporary Colour Exhibition at Mingara Gallery over April and May.

I’m pretty excited about my next exhibition.  It will be the first one I have done for this particular gallery.  I’ve been exhibiting with them for a year or so and it’s one of the more spectacular gallery locations – Phillip Island – home of the very famous Fairy Penguins.  The exhibition will start on Easter Saturday, April 19, with the opening at 3pm, so please call in if you happen to be holidaying in the area over Easter. It’s running until 25 May.


Contemporary Colour Exhibition – Mingara Gallery (PDF of Exhibition Flyer)

Look forward to seeing you there and please remember to share this with anyone else that may be interested in the exhibition!


Address for Mingara Gallery:
242 Thompson Ave, Cowes, Phillip Island, VIC 3922, Australia



Some of my works that will be featured in the Contemporary Colour Exhibition!

SPA Mingara Gallery Exhibition Paintings


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Artist Learning Tool, Craftsy

How many times have you taken an art class? Some of you will say many other will say none. The reality is that finding and participating in an art class for your first time is quite confronting. However recently I came across a brilliant artist learning tool that makes taking art classes a breeze.

Craftsy Website

The website that I stumbled across is called Craftsy, it is an online learning platform however this particular website has artist classes. The team at Craftsy offer a range of classes including:

  • Fine Art (the best of all the classes)
  • Sewing
  • Cake Decoration
  • Quilting
  • Cooking
  • Paper Craft
  • Jewelry Making
  • And many more…..

So if you are looking at getting into any sort of hobby but have no idea where to start I would suggest starting at Craftsy. The website is beautiful, easy to use and the classes are great.

If you have any other online learning tools please leave a comment and share your experience with other artists!


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New Art Website, Art Galleria

I was recently asked to trial a new art website called “Art Galleria“. The recently released artist website is a very useful tool for art collectors big or small, other artists and gallery owners. The website is an archive of artist that have profiles of their work, personality and general information.

Art Galleria Australia - Sara Paxton Artworks

Art Galleria for Artists

I noted earlier that this website is a fantastic tool for artists as it allows them to get their artworks in front of a new audiences. Not only is it an artworks directory but an artist can also be contacted, sell their works and post upcoming events.

Art Galleria for Events

It is also possible to post upcoming events like exhibitions, charity events or even gallery openings. The website is only new so it will take a little bit of time for the user base to be large enough to have frequent events every day but you have to start somewhere, right?

Art Galleria Pro’s

  • inexpensive
  • links to artist website
  • easy to use and upload artworks
  • contact and sales leads
  • browsing for inspiration and ideas from other artists
  • high artwork standards
  • great platform for starting artist to get exposure

Art Galleria Con’s

  • very young platform so will take some to to gain traction
  • no obvious links with artist social media accounts
  • no full screen display of artworks

Overall the website is a fantastic resource for all artists and I would strongly recommend getting in early as the directory will only grow and get more expensive to get a listing as time goes on. If you are looking for more artist resources and help, check out the Sara Paxton Artworks artist resources page.


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Fields Edge Painting Time-lapse

I recently discovered a fantastic little device that allows me to catch some pretty good painting time-lapse footage. The device is called Brinno TLC200 and it records in HD and can last many hours on some AAA batteries, which is fantastic for capturing an entire painting as it usually takes me 1 to 2 days painting to complete.

I am still working on finding the right angle and place for the camera but I think I am getting pretty close. Have a look at the video below to see how my oil on canvas painting ‘Fields Edge’ comes to life. I am not sure which gallery will be receiving this painting but I’m hoping that it will already be famous by the time it gets there.

If you have had any experience in recording yourself or others painting in oils, I would love for you to share your experience in the comments below. I have also tried doing phone time-lapse videos with my iphone and some photography applications, however I find that the camera quality is not quite good enough for a youtube video.



To keep up to date with all of the the latest painting time-lapses and more useful art information, sign up to the Sara Paxton Artworks newsletter, it is free! Also if you enjoyed this post and found it useful please do not forget to share it with any others who may find it useful or interesting.


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Very Special Kids Charity Art Exhibition

I was honoured to be selected and asked to participate  in a charitable art exhibition for an organisation called Very Special Kids (VSK).  Formed in 1985, it is an organisation which provides support and counselling to families caring for a child diagnosed with a life threatening illness and also those families who have lost a child.  The charity art exhibition will raise valuable funds for this very worthwhile organisation.

One of my paintings was also chosen to be included on VSK’s promotional material for the event which was very exciting. The  art exhibition runs from 27 February to 10 March 2014 at Very Special Kids, 321 Glenferrie Road, Malvern. So if you would like to support a worthwhile cause, take a look – there are around 40 artists and there will be some fabulous work on display. You may even like to attend the opening which is on Thursday 27 February.


Charity Art Exhibition Paintings

Below: the two paintings I will be exhibiting at this fantastic event.





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Online Pop Up Art Exhibition

2013 has been a huge year of growth for Sara Paxton Artworks, and we are hitting the ground running as we see in the New Year with our first online Pop Up art exhibition. The idea came up whilst enjoying a coffee in a Melbourne cafe on a sunny Saturday afternoon – the ‘pop-up’ concept is a growing one, so why not try it out?

Click through to the Pop Up Art Exhibition

The Pop Up Art Exhibition Concept:

What: 6 original Sara Paxton Artworks oil paintings on linen canvas board

Size: 30x30cm (square)

Price: all paintings under $200 (no matter what!)

Exhibition: 2 weeks duration (Finished)





The Pop Up  Exhibition page features all six original paintings, plus work in progress shots as well. These little paintings (30x30cm) are unique and affordable.  This is the first time Sara Paxton Artworks has offered smaller works to our online community. It’s an experiment, so have a look and see what you think.

There where only 6 paintings available.


A little glimpse of the featured artworks!

P.S. Do not worry if the page takes a few seconds to load, the images of the oil paintings are quite large allowing you to see every little detail. Also very happy for you to shoot me any questions.

Next Exhibition Coming Soon!

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Does Painting to Music Increase Your creativity?

Painting and music are two different art forms yet are easily paired together. Painting without music is like painting in darkness. Every sound is a movement in the painting, and every tone is a new stroke. The two go hand in hand and inspire colours, techniques and even themes throughout painting. Different music inspires different styles of painting. Some people enjoy classical, some enjoy show tunes, and some even like the top 40—it all depends on your personal style.

So does painting to music really increase your creativity? In my personal opinion it does and here are some of my favourite songs and bands that pair nicely with certain painting styles:

Portraits and people:

Feel good music is usually a nice pairing to painting people because it helps the artist feel the true beauty in the subject. You really want the song to reflect the person you are painting, because that will usually show through.
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
  • 5 Years Time – Noah and the Whale
  • If you Could Only See – Tonic
  • Paradise – Coldplay
  • Just a Friend – Biz Markie


For landscapes, I prefer painting to music that makes me appreciate the atmosphere. It is more on the quieter side but these songs allow you to envision the place you are in, whether it is sunny and beautiful or cloudy with rain.
  • Beautiful Day- U2
  • Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
  • Lego House- Ed Sheeran
  • Kids- Lady Danville
  • Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero


For floral paintings, I always found it best to have more upbeat songs. When I paint flowers, they are usually full of colour and bright so I really like my music to be more fun and upbeat. I also associate these songs with pretty flowery colours like lovely hues of red and oranges.
  • Santeria- Sublime
  • Hurricane Drunk- Florence and the Machine
  • Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
  • All I Wanna do –Sheryl Crow


Abstract styles vary from subtle colours and small strokes to bright and loud colours and clutter, therefore abstract painting music can be very eclectic as well.
  • Queen & David Bowie- Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Madness- Muse
  • You Make My Dreams Come True- Hall and Oats
If you are looking for some great  albums to paint to, here are a few of my favourites:
  • “The XX” – The XX
  • “Bushfire Fairytales” — Jack Johnson
  • “Florence and the Machine” –Florence and the Machine
  • “Sublime” – Sublime
  • “Think Bigger” Cosmo Jarvis
I personally like listening to different genres of music when painting certain types and themes. I feel like it really sets the mood, not only for my art but for the rest of my day. I love how all music is reflected within the art and corresponds to every colour and brush stroke in my paintings.



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The Truth Behind Giclee Prints

Creating giclee prints from artwork and photographs has become a common way for artists to reproduce their loved works. The advance of  giclee reproduction and the subsequent advances in printing technology, especially in the last ten years. Allows artists everywhere to reproduce the artworks they create and distribute these prints to a diverse and widespread audience.

Giclee prints explained

Giclee Prints AnsweredGiclee reproductions are produced from high resolution scans or photographs. The printers used for these reproductions are most often twelve colour inkjet
printers although some companies use eight colour printers. Archival inks that are light fast are used in these high tech printers meaning the resulting
giclee prints will stand the test of time.


If  proper giclee prints are produced the detail can be identical and of a just as high standard as the original artwork. You can see examples of an original and giclee print in many galleries that sell both options to suit all price ranges, all images on my gallery page are images of my original oil paintings and they are then reproduced into high quality prints. Innovations in the giclee print industry are constant and every year we see new printing possibilities become available. Because technological advances are constant, most artists will look for a company that specializes in making giclee art prints when they are exploring the possibility of making multiple copies of their artworks. While it’s possible to purchase appropriate printers and scanners a larger specialised company is more likely to be able to keep pace with advances and will hopefully be using current, state of the art equipment. As in all things; buyer beware. Researching companies and the scanning/printing equipment they are using is always prudent.

Some substrates that an image can be printed on include

  • Various art papers
  • Photographic papers
  • Canvas
  • Plexiglas
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fabrics

Increasing exposure with giclee reproductions

Artists are using giclee prints in a variety of ways to suit their individual art practices. Some simply want to share and sell multiples of one of their popular images. The giclee reproduction artists the obvious advantage of increasing exposure and making their artworks available to multiple buyers, the owner of the original also sees a value add as their art piece is now the original artwork of popular print. In other words, when artist employing the giclee print process they are able to widen the audience for their work by selling an affordable alternative to the higher priced original artwork.

Altering giclee prints to make each one unique

Many artists are taking advantage of computer programmes that allow them to manipulate scanned images of their own original before they are turned into giclee prints. In a different vein others are working on top of the giclee prints they have made. They enhance them using a variety of different techniques such as:
  • Adding paint to selected areas
  • Adding texture to the surface by brushing on mediums that become clear after they dry
  • Adding glazes or washes of colour over the entire surface (
  • Embellishing the prints with collage elements
It is important for artists, who go down this giclee print road, to remember that they are selling reproductions, as opposed to original artworks. Even when a giclee print has been hand altered to make it unique, it is still important to state what is not easily obvious. Simply referring to the artwork as being “mixed media”, could be construed as misleading, so make sure you confirm with the artist if the work is a print, original or mixed. By producing giclee prints the artist is able to share their works with multiple people at a more affordable price.

Tell it like it is

Similarly, because a giclee print can sometimes be indistinguishable from the original, it is very important to let the buying public know what you are selling.
Most people outside the art-world don’t really understand the differences between a hand-pulled print, an original artwork and a giclee print. They simply know that they like what they see. Artists need to take the time to educate their buyers, so there are no misunderstandings and later repercussions.


The vast majority of people will welcome the opportunity to purchase an image that “speaks to them” at a price that their budget can handle. I, myself do sell giclee prints of all my original artworks as I think it is important to have something for everyone, I don’t think people should be limit to budget or availability when finding a piece of art they truly love. You can find cards, giclee prints and ink prints in the Sara Paxton Artworks Store.


I hope that this article has been informational and you are now aware of the different types of prints that are available to art buyers. Always remember to ask the artist what you are purchasing as originals and prints are very different and both options need to be kept in mind when finding your own price point.


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What Makes an Artist? Sara Paxton Q&A.

Recently, I found myself in a Q&A with ‘Artin’ Geelong‘. It was actually quite an eye opening experience as it was one of the first times I had been interviewed in a question and answer context. The range of questions were fantastic and they really got down to the depths of being an artist. The questions were quite thought provoking and I think it came out to be really interesting!

If you are interested in the entire Sara Paxton Q&A have a read over at Artin’ Geelong.

Q&A with Sara Paxton


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